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MapSport Cartographic‘s Pretex partner, Jim Russell of Stay in Control, provides printing of maps on Pretex. No need to buy the Pretex in bulk as Jim’s keen pricing includes the Pretex map stock.

Printing is on SRA3 size stock and up to A3+ size. Jim has printed maps for many successful events for over 3 years.

Contact Jim directly on 0411 125 178 or

Event racer chest bibs and bike bibs on Pretex

Pretex has been successfully used for racer chest bibs at championship and WRE events over the last few years. Racer bibs for NOL events are sponsored by MapSport Cartographic and Stay in Control.

Pretex bike numbers are used at various events including the 2015 National Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships and 2018 VIC MTBO Champs.

Read more on our racer bibs

Cartographic services for orienteering

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Chargeable services

  • splitting large Lidar files into manageable chunks
  • georeferencing multiple maps
  • exporting many Shape files

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