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A Bigger Screen for More Map


Get a bigger screen!

27" ASUS PB278
27″ ASUS PB278

We cartographers tend to get by with regular flat panel screens – 22” or 24” with 1920 x 1080 pixels; they are so much better than the screens used 10 years ago that we are happy. But wait – it gets MUCH better.

Graphic designers have always spent thousands on Apple screens like the 27” Thunderbolt, which has 2560 x1 440 pixels and very high quality colour. We get by without, but now we don’t need to – because these high quality screens are dropping in price.

I now use my 2 year old 24” Samsung for email and the like, while my brand new 27” ASUS PB278 with 2560 x 1440 is for cartography.

It’s fabulous to use; when for whatever reason I transfer to work on the 24″ screen, it seems clunky in comparison. Not just because of the sheer screen size of the ASUS 27″ but also because the pixels are smaller. That means objects are displayed smaller and more of the map fits on the screen. Think of the Retina display on an iPhone.

And it only cost $600.

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