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Become More Productive with OCAD in 2017 – Part 1

Brain storm!

One liner OCAD tips

Even if just one of these is an ‘ah ha !’ moment for you too, your 2017 OCAD productivity will take a leap.

  • Want to improve your O map design aspects? Read this BOF booklet.
  • Have Tips with Keyboard and Mouse by your side for a while.
  • To resize a logo or image where the embedded text does not resize, select the whole image, convert to graphic, then resize.
  • Learn from Program Files > OCAD > OCAD [edition] > Samples
  • Explore Program Files > OCAD > OCAD [edition] > Templates
  • Importing Shape contour, hydro, transport lines? After import, Select symbol, Select objects by symbol, Smooth, Change to Bezier curve and you are done for the trip.
  • Use Symbol Status Manager to control those pesky Hide/Normal symbols when creating/modifying a map.
  • Most productive hardware in my OCAD tools arsenal? My second screen. Just an old Dell 1280 x 1024.

Got one of your own to share? Just comment on this post.

Aiming off

A school holidays or winter nights activity. Many ways to reuse old maps. Well maybe don’t reuse really old maps like this.

Newcastle 1913 topo
Newcastle 1913 – Australia’s 1st topo map
  1. Make a map purse
  2. Make a lampshade
  3. Make a throw cushion
  4. Make map shoes
  5. Make a carry or gift bag  – stronger if you reuse a Pretex map
  6. Make envelopes
  7. Four ways to reuse old maps
  8. Nine things to do with your old maps

And if you still can’t get enough of maps then there is always Mapstravaganza

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