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Auto Generated Orienteering Maps for WOC 2016

Topo socks

Really? Auto generated orienteering maps?

Well yes and no. Read all about it on the WOC Sweden 2016 website. If you haven’t seen such maps before you will be surprised if not amazed.

More on auto generated orienteering maps

Karttapullautin sample map
Karttapullautin sample map

For a few years the developer of the popular Route Gadget has been steadily improving the functionality of auto orienteering map generator  Karttapullautin. Award winning Karttapullautin is intended to provide draft maps for mappers and training maps for orienteers.

It is Windows software, memory hungry and requires LiDAR data. Some mappers in Australia have experimented with it. With the availability of free, though currently limited, LiDAR data through ELVIS, Kartapullautin may see a lot more Australian use.


Odds and ends

For the latest orienteering and rogaining fashion statement, take a look at these odds and ends. Make good fun prizes too. And yes, you can order online and get them delivered to Australia post free for a while.



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