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2021 carto year starts with a laugh

Thanks to Kenneth Field of

Sort of seriously reflecting on 2020

Check out Bloomberg CityLab’s Your Year In Maps

Even more…

Jonathan Crowe’s The Map Room

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KML Export to MapRunF

For OCAD 12 and earlier version users

The latest OCAD blog announced that OCAD subscription editions now provide a straightforward process to get your maps and courses onto MapRunF.

Starter edition is your low cost route to this simplified process. Plus OCAD Australian and New Zealand buyers can take advantage of a lower price for 3 year subscriptions. Head to for pricing.

From the blog

To upload maps and courses to MapRunF, you need to export…

The full post is

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OCAD & ISOM 2017 update

Recent important OCAD updates

Amongst the continued OCAD improvements are two updates that stand out as being particularly useful.

Convertor for ISOM 2017 latest update

OCAD has just released a function to automatically convert your ISOM 2017 map file to ISOM 2017-2 which has just been announced by IOF.

The function Beta version is in the April service update. However, if you haven’t yet been offered that, (as was the case with me) and you need it now, then you can select Help > OCAD Service Update to download and install the Beta version.

Read more in OCAD’s blog post. Take note that if you have a non-compliant ISOM 2017 map file, then you will need to check carefully the symbols reported as being ‘added’. I tested an OCAD 9 file and due in part, at least, to different colour numbers, the prominent trees ended up as a black circle on an orange background. Mind you, their appearance on the map certainly accorded with the symbol name.

New Course Setting Project Wizard

Now this new function marks a significant improvement in setting up a course. If you missed it because it was buried in my World Orienteering Day post, then take a look now.

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Compose Course faster, easier | World Orienteering Day

Major Course Setting improvements

Compose course

First click adds a start object, each additional click adds a control point and double click adds a finish object to the map and the course.

New course setting wizard

This wizard guides you through the first steps, like choosing the right symbol set and loading a map file in the background layer.

Check out both new functions in this 3m 27s video

World Orienteering Day 2019 is Wed 23rd May

International Orienteering Federation reports…

With World Orienteering Day 2019 approaching, the orienteering community is stepping up its efforts in preparation for the event.

In the most recent WOD Newsletter, you can read about the approach of both British Orienteering and the Swedish Orienteering Federation. Why not see if any of their ideas might inspire your own activity?

Or perhaps you might be inspired by WOD Ambassador Daniel Hubmann? In this interview, he tells us about the event he organised for WOD 2018 and explains why he thinks WOD is a great opportunity to promote orienteering to people around the world.

Also, don’t miss out on applying for OCAD WOD Starter Licence!

So what is World Orienteering Day (WOD)?

OCAD WOD Starter licence image

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Hidden value in OCAD 2018 Team editions

Team OCAD edition image

An even closer look at OCAD 2018 valueOCAD Orienteering edition image

Before  the release of OCAD 2018 in March, I wrote a warts and all post on the features and value of OCAD 2018.

Since then I have become aware of a significant value that may not be readily apparent to current personal users and their clubs.

Achieve lower cost & greater flexibilityOCAD 2018 Starter edition image

Clubs could approach their members who hold OCAD licences with a view to transferring their licence to the club. Continue reading Hidden value in OCAD 2018 Team editions