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Australian National Map and VicMap 40th

Australia online map 2014

Australia online 2D/3D map

The Department of Communications has released the National Map, an Open Data initiative, as it moves to boost the number of publicly available datasets.

The project gives users access to a single platform for government geospatial datasets, including those from the Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Bureau of Statistics and

The geospatial data is visually presented in a map format, enabling users to see the data that they extract.

Currently available datasets cover information on land, water, infrastructure, broadband access, boundaries and population, with more to come.

Australian National 2D/3D Map



It’s Victoria’s 40th year of topographic mapping. Check out their Victorian geographic data facts.

Both the  1:25,000 as well as 1:30,000 (A4) georeferenced PDF map sets are current to 2014.

Also online you can define and acquire custom A4, A3 and A0 PDF maps. The A0 map is available landscape only.

VicMap PDF maps

VicMap data online


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  1. Hi Ken. How’s things? I am now living in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. While not active in orienteering, I am getting into mapping now with the assistance of Geoff Peck. So far I’ve done six maps for local outdoor education centres as well as given coaching to their staff on how to teach oring to students. I’m enjoying mapping and see with interest that you have been doing quite a bit of it over the years. It would be good to hear from you. Cheers, Ray

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