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Prestigious Swiss Cartography Prize for OCAD

OCAD Tehematic Mapper image

«Prix Carto – digital» Awarded To OCAD Thematic Mapper

[from OCAD AG December newsletter]

The OCAD Inc. and the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation at ETH Zurich have been awarded with the Swiss Society of Cartography’s «Prix Carto – digital» for the product OCAD Thematic Mapper. The OCAD Thematic Mapper is the result of a joint project funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) of the Swiss Government.

A core of the new application are step-by-step wizard guides – considering established cartographic rules – for the process of creating thematic maps. The wizard supports the user from the data analysis to the thematic symbolisation and visualisation. The OCAD Thematic Mapper opens the OCAD software to the broad scope of thematic statistical maps.

Awarding the Prix Carto - Digital
L to R René Sieber, Angeliki Tsorlini (Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation, ETH Zurich), Hubert Klauser, Thomas Gloor, Gian-Reto Schaad (OCAD Inc.). Not in the picture: Lorenz Hurni. Photo provided by Thomas Maag/SG


Congratulations OCAD team. Good also to see the people behind the support emails.

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